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School Finance, with Related School Law (Overton County)

Contact: David Huss                                                       

Contact Email:                                                       

Contact Telephone: 731.446.0679

On  November 5, 2013, the  Overton County School System will host School Finance, with Related School Law for principals, assistant principals, and administrative assistants. This seminar series is specifically designed for school administrators and bookkeepers who have five (5) or less years of experience in the school setting, for school administrators and bookkeepers who  were  not  able to  attend  the  prior  seminar  series,  or  for  school  administrators  and bookkeepers who wish to have continued professional development. To hold down the cost of this seminar, the attached registration form must be used since I will be emailing the PowerPoint to all prior to the seminar.

This seminar will address finances within individual schools, as well as the law that supports the requirements.  The tentative agenda is on the second page of the registration form. There will be ample time for discussion/questions that need to be addressed. This seminar has been approved for 7 hours TASL credit and 7 hours TASBO credit.

Members of the Technical Advisory Services will receive a 20% discount off the conference fee. If your school is a member, all personnel from your school can take advantage of the 20% discount (principal, assistant principal, and bookkeeper). If you have not joined the Technical Advisory Services group, you may still do so. If you need registration forms, please let me know.

If other school systems would like to host this seminar, please call me at 731.446.0679.