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TOSS ALI: Picture of a Portfolio: The PreK-K&1 Portfolio Process through the Lens of Real Life Teachers. One district's journey through the portfolio process - East

PreK-K&1 Portfolio training

non-classroom lead teachers may benefit from this training

Portfolios are not Pinterest perfect collections of student artwork. Portfolios showcase a student's growth from beginning to end with samples of meaningful work. The portfolio process requires exploring standards and documenting student growth through standards based instruction. It ensures that teachers are analyzing assessments to meet the rigorous expectations of the standards. Finally, the portfolio process involves collecting meaningful evidence to demonstrate student growth observed during the learning process. In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in answering these Essential Questions:

What is a portfoilo?

What is in a portfolio?

How is a portfolio scored?

How do I document my evidence? (Tools and Technology)

Where do I present my portfolio?

When do we move forward with implementation?


Brittany Gulley, Pre-K Teacher at Flintville

Amanda Pickens, First Grade Teacher at Flintville

Renee Pryor, Supevisor of Instrucion, Lincoln County Deartment of Education