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TOSS ALI: Learning from Leaders: Strategies to Improve ACT scores in High School Classrooms - EAST

Principals and Supervisors can adjust schedules, study other school system’s data, and clearly show their students and their teachers that they want their students to have the best ACT scores possible. But the next step is KNOWING how to make that happen in a timely manner.

TOSS/ALI understands that need and at the end of this school year, Ken Stansberry will present proven strategies to help students improve their ACT score. These ‘tricks of the trade’ have been perfected by Mr. Stansberry.

After hearing him present at Blackman High School this fall, I knew that the rest of our state needed to hear how, with a bit of work and research, their students could learn to improve their ACT performance.

Join TOSS/ALI as we present Mr. Ken Stansberry’s event “Strategies to Improve ACT scores in High School Classrooms