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ALI: ACT and Student Growth, Partnering for Success - East

**** This is a 2017-2018 ALI Year Event! You must have renewed & paid for your 2017-2018 membership to attend***

Learn how ACT is your partner in achieving student success. 

Would you like to empower your staff:

  • With understanding the data so you can make informed decisions for rigorous coursework?
  • To help support college and career readiness in your school?
  • By learning a multidimensional way to prepare students?
  • To learn how ACT helps you track student progress and prepare them for success through high school and beyond?

The session will provide an opportunity for district leaders to learn how ACT data can inform instruction, bridge the transition from middle to high school and help students prepare for college and career.



  1. ACT Holistic Framework - multidimensional way to prepare students for college and career success:
    - Core Academic Skills
    - Cross Cutting Capabilities
    - Behavioral Skills
    - Education and Career Navigation
  2. Understanding your Grad Class Profile Report and how it can guide curriculum to increase scores and educator engagement.
  3. The ACT High School Report: Interpreting Data for Student Success
    Identify implications for counseling and course placement, using ACT data to align students' interests and skills, and investigating academic fit for students.
  4. Reviewing Curriculum and Instructional Systems
    Explores the curriculum and instructional practices needed to prepare students for college and career readiness.
  5. Analyzing and Using ACT Scores  
    Administrators and other educators can analyze their aggregate data and identify implications from the data for curriculum, instruction, and student support.
  6. Test Prep Options to prepare students for the ACT test with PreACT, ACT Online Prep and ACT Prep Live.
  7. ACT Work-Ready Communities
    How your school can be involved in ensuring all students are ready for career success