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TDOE: Supplemental IDEA Funds Application Deadline

Audience: Directors of Schools

The application for supplemental IDEA funding is available on ePlan for the 2017-18 school year. Every district must complete the application; districts that choose not to accept the supplemental funding will note this on the application. Instructions for completing the application are attached here. Please submit the application by June 6

Supplemental funding will be available to districts on July 1. The amount available to each district is based on the Dec. 1, 2016 count of students with disabilities and on the cost of the progress monitoring tool that districts select. Supplemental grant funds may be used toward the purchase of a progress monitoring tool, to supplement the cost of the universal screener, or to purchase instructional supplies and materials and fund professional development activities that will benefit students with disabilities within the district.

Districts must select and use a progress monitoring tool from this list (here) in order to receive supplemental IDEA funds. Districts are required to select a tool from this list only if the district wishes to accept IDEA supplemental funds. Please note that if your district does not wish to use one of the progress monitoring tools on the attached list, funding should be declined.