Training Materials

2016 SSC Conference Materials: 


2016 SLI/ALI Event Training Materials: 


Lessons Learned From Sandy Hook: How Does Your School Safety Plan Measure Up? 

Presentation by: Brenna Robinson Director, Tennessee School Safety Center Office of Safe & Supportive Schools

Recovery Scenarios 

Social Media for School Superintendents

Superintendent's LinkedIn How-To

2015 TOSS Leadership Institute Training Materials

Building a Budget That Addresses Your Districts Needs 

School Finance Powerpoint


Local Review Process of Charter School Applications 

Local Review Process of Charter School Applications Presentation

State Board Appeal Process Presentation

Charter School Law Presentation


Beginning Superintendent Academy

August 24-25, 2015

Day 1 Materials:

Understanding the BEP

Education in Tennessee-The Big Picture

The Tennessee Tenure Law


Day 2 Materials:

Personalizing Learning

Working with TDOE

The Tennessee Accountability System


TEAM Resources

During the 2011−2012 school year as part of First to the Top, the Tennessee Department of Education introduced a new statewide teacher evaluation system: Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM). The system supports principals and teachers working together to ensure that students benefit from the best possible instruction every day.

Through a combination of frequent observation, constructive feedback, measures of student learning and aligned development opportunities, TEAM offers both a holistic view of a teacher's effectiveness in the classroom as well as a structure and roadmap for improvement at every level.

This approach will have a real impact on what matters most: supporting all educators so they can do their best work in the classroom and help every student learn and grow.

Learn more by visiting the TEAM website.