Membership in the TOSS Associate Leadership institute (ALI) is open to principals, assistant principals, and supervisors whose mission is the improvement of academic outcomes of Tennessee public school students. Learning opportunities that highlight best practices and effective leadership will be provided to members.  A variety of learning possibilities allow school and district leaders to learn with and from other leaders with similar goals. 


Who can join the ALI?

Those eligible for ALI membership are supervisors, principals, and assistant principals.

How much does it cost to be an ALI member?

There is a $150 per person membership fee to join the ALI. This cost covers one year of membership from July 1 to June 30 and allows entry to any and all ALI events during that time. No matter when you join the ALI following July 1 of a given fiscal year, your membership will expire on June 30. If you pay a membership fee but fail to attend an ALI event during the year, TOSS is not responsible for this and will not reimburse your membership fee. Once paid, it is up to members to register for and attend events.

How do I register for the ALI?

There are two options: register a group or single registration. Be sure to read the instructions that go along with your type of registration.


Group Registration Instructions

Group Registration Form


Single Registration Instructions

Single Online Registration

How do I renew my membership?

If you were a member previously and would like to renew your membership for the next year, you can find instructions for renewal HERE.