Platinum Partnership: $25,000

  • Provide a letter of introduction to any superintendent upon request

  • Introduce the Partner at the Legislative and Learning Conference and the Superintendent Fall Conference

  • Plan Partner interaction time at Beginning Superintendent Academy, President’s Reception, Superintendent of the Year Reception, Fall and Spring Conferences

  • Provide the Partner with premium booth and banner/ branding locations at the Legislative Conference and Fall Conference

  • Assist Partner with dinner invitation lists at the Fall, the LEAD and the Legislative Conferences

  • Display Partner’s logo on all TOSS electronic communications

  • Display Partner’s logo on the TOSS webpage with a link to Partner’s home page

  • Spotlight Partner at a minimum of three professional development events

    • Co-brand invitations with TOSS and Partner

    • Manage professional development credits if applicable

    • Secure meeting space

    • Manage registration

    • Furnish food and beverage costs when appropriate

  • Include the Partner in distribution of weekly superintendent updates

  • Provide hard copy directory with superintendent contact information to Partner

  • Provide Partner with electronic superintendent contact list upon request