Superintendent Pathways Program

TOSS is proud to announce a new service, Superintendent Pathways Program. Through TOSS, this service will allow its members to confidentially explore superintendent positions. TOSS will in turn coordinate with organizations that conduct superintendent searches, both in-state and nationally. Members would not have to wait until there is a specific opening to begin the process.

How would the Superintendent Pathways Program work?

  • Interested TOSS member would notify the TOSS Executive Director or Assistant Executive Director (SLI) of their interest and would note any qualifiers, e.g. geographical region, district size, type, instate or out of state, etc.

  • TOSS point person would conference with the member to further explore his/her goals and qualifications.

  • TOSS would maintain a confidential database of those interested along with their qualifications, experience, and goals.

  • TOSS would work directly with superintendent search groups such as TSBA, TN Education and Management Services, NSBA, McPherson and Jacobson, Ray and Associates, neighboring state school board associations, etc.

What is the advantage to you?

  • The service is part of your membership and is confidential

  • There is no commitment on your part

  • You are assured the opportunity to get your name to the search firm if you choose

What the Superintendent Pathways Program is NOT:

  • It is not a superintendent search

  • It is not a guarantee for either an interview or placement

When can you begin the process?

  • At any time. You do not have to wait until there is a specific opening

Am I locked in?

  • Absolutely not. You can have your name and information removed from the confidential database at your request.