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Creating a Crisis Intervention Team - East

  • 2719 Northview Academy Lane Kodak, TN 37764 (map)


TOSS/ALI is pleased to announce a full day of training for principals and supervisors focused on ways to build a Crisis Team. 

Almost every principal has experienced a situation where they alone had to determine if a child was capable of hurting himself or others. This program will help school and system leaders create a team to support principals as they weigh those decisions. 

We will feature supervisors who have been working with crisis prevention teams for several years. The presentations will allow those who attend the opportunity to develop and create a system or school crisis team plan and help leaders assess treats at the school level. We will help each attendee answer these questions for their own building or district  

1.  Why do you need a crisis intervention/prevention team in your system/school? 

2. How can a crisis team best be utilized by a school principal?

3. What does a crisis team do to support school principals? School systems?

 4. Who should be on a team? 

5. How should the team be trained? 

6. What training could a team benefit from over time? 

This day will be filled with real life examples of individual students in  crisis  and will help leaders see  how a crisis team helped prevent/predict/avoid further or more serious incidents of violence. 

 The day is planned from 8-4, will feature supervisors and actual teams in the morning and will have a presenter in the afternoon who will talk very specifically about how administrators can use specific techniques to interrupt and intercept violent or troubled youth. 

This afternoon presentation will feature specific details on what kinds of people should be on your crisis team and what kinds of training those team members need at the school and district levels.

You should leave this event with all the tools you need to build your own team. This day will be a great follow up of the Sandy Hook day offered in February.


March 17, 2016        Murfreesboro City Schools,   8-4

March 29, 2016        Jackson Madison BOE,          8-4

April 11, 2016         Northview Academy Kodak, TN 8-4