SUPERINTENDENT SPOTLIGHT: John English (Unicoi County)

TOSS is excited to announce that our Superintendent Spotlight for the month of May is Mr. John English who is finishing up his first year as superintendent of Unicoi County Schools.  

Mr. English shared with us some exciting things going on in his district, including the upcoming implementation of a blended learning program that will offer high school students a high quality alternative to the traditional high school experience. 

When asked what he loves most about his job, Mr. English stated how much he enjoys working closely with the other leaders and staff in his district to put systems into place to support teachers and enhance student learning.  He also added, "My love for Unicoi County is what keeps me motivated.  Knowing that the work that my team and I do will improve outcomes for the students, teachers, and families of Unicoi County is why I come back everyday.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to have a daily impact on the lives of our students and community." 

Mr. English also shared with us his favorite memory from his time so far as superintendent.  "The memory that stands out most is having the incredible fortune of being able to recognize a fourth grade student at a school board meeting for going back into a burning house to save his younger cousin.  He suffered burns and both children spent time in the Vanderbilt Burn Center, but his actions saved her life.  Having the opportunity to present him with a state proclamation recognizing his heroism has by far been one of the best moments of my school year." 

We are honored to work with great district leaders like Mr. English.  Thank you for your service to public education!