SUPERINTENDENT SPOTLIGHT: Barbara Parker (Cannon County)

Our Superintendent Spotlight for August is Barbara Parker from Cannon County Schools.  She has dedicated many years to her district, serving as Director of Schools from 1996-2004 and 2009-present.    

We asked Ms. Parker to tell us about some exciting things happening in her district.  She was proud to share about the instructional coach program that Cannon County Schools has launched this year.  They will also be partnering with the State's coaching network.  They are taking full advantage of the IPI teacher partnership program, and are seeing great results!  Cannon County was one of the 12 original Read to Be Ready grant recipients.  They held a 4-week summer reading camp for 27 students, and were able to incorporate the summer feed program in with it.  Ms. Parker reported, "we have truly improved our SIP review process and will be showcasing that initiative at CORE office meetings." 

When asked what her favorite part of her job was, Ms. Parker said: 

"Working for the betterment of education in Cannon Co. and the State is what motivates me to continue in my job.  Teaching was my first and only career choice.  Being able to influence a child's future is so rewarding, and becoming a director allowed me to have a larger influence on all children in my community."  

Fun Facts about Ms. Parker:

  • She is an avid reader.
  • She has taught Sunday School and been a church pianist for 40 years!

Thank you, Ms. Parker, for your dedication to Cannon County Schools and public education.