Platinum Partner Spotlight: StaffEZ

StaffEZ, formerly PESG, is our July Platinum Partner Spotlight! StaffEZ, LLC is one of the top-ranked Education-Only Staffing Agency in the United States. For fourteen years, StaffEZ has built a solid reputation as a stable, reliable, and proven industry leader. Because education is their only focus, everything they do is with your success in mind. From maximizing classroom fill rates to streamlining internal processes, StaffEZ works every day to ensure your students receive the ultimate benefit: the education they deserve.

In Tennessee, StaffEZ is already working with Lebanon Special School District, Grainger County Schools, Gibson County Schools, Franklin Special Schools, Manchester City Schools, and Union County Schools.

"We have been pleased with the quality of services that has been provided from the StaffEZ representatives as they continue to go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our administration." - Scott Benson, Lebanon Special School District

Want to learn more about StaffEZ? Visit their website or reach out to Kim Woodson at or 615-354-3170.