Our Purpose

TOSS addresses the needs of education in Tennessee based on the following organizational purposes:

  • The advancement of public education
  • The promotion of the work and interest of the superintendency, but not for private gain or personal economic interest
  • The gathering and circulation of information on general school matters
  • The provision of pertinent information on sound education legislation to the General Assembly of Tennessee
  • The cooperation with the State Department of Education and other agencies and organizations interested in public education
  • To propose legislation, to establish and communicate a position on pending legislation, and to study its impact on local school systems
  • To engage in other activities and programs deemed necessary for the welfare of children and youth in the state of Tennessee


Policy Manual

The TOSS Policy Manual describes how we operate as an organization. Read any of the sections by clicking on the links below.

1 – Board Operations

1.000 Vision Statement/Purpose
1.100 Board Legal Status & Authority
1.101 Role of the Board
1.104 Membership
1.105 Board Legislative Involvement
1.106 Code of Ethics
1.200 Method & Election of Officers
1.201 Duties of Officers
1.202 Duties of Board Members
1.203 New Member Orientation
1.205 Board-Director Relations
1.301 Executive Committee
1.302 Board Attorney
1.400 Board Meetings                                                                           1.401 Board Retreat
1.403 Agenda
1.405 Rules of Order
1.406 Minutes
1.600 Policy Development & Adoption

2 – Fiscal Management
2.200 Annual Operating Budget
2.201 Line Item Transfer Authority
2.400 Revenues
2.402 Reserve Funds
2.500 Deposit of Funds
2.700 Accounting System
2.701 Financial Reports & Records
2.702 Inventories
2.703 Audits
2.802 Payroll Procedures
2.804 Expenses & Reimbursements

3 – Membership Services
3.100 Professional Development
3.200 Lobbying
3.300 Awards
3.3001 Superintendent of the Year
3.3002 George “Kip” Reel
3.3003 Legislative

George "Kip" Reel Award App

Legislative Award App

4 – Personnel
4.100 Equal Opportunity Employment
4.101 Discrimination/Harassment of Employees
4.200 Executive Director Responsibilities/Duties
4.202 Evaluation of the Executive Director                                        4.203 Evaluation of Full-Time Staff                                                    4.300 Job Descriptions                                                                                4.302 Cell Phone Policy
4.400 Leaves and Holidays



Constitution and By-Laws