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LEAN Frog Professional Development Course - East

  • Sarah Simpson PD Technology Center, Room 218 801 Tipton Ave Knoxville, TN 37920 United States (map)

Course Description

This training provides an executive leader overview for applying Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in public-education.  It prepares superintendents and executive leaders to use LSS process improvements to drive efficiency in school system administrative departments.

Course Objectives 

By the end of the course attendee will have a detailed understanding of:

  1. How operational and organizational waste in processes (e.g. communicating with stakeholders, hiring staff, purchasing supplies, maintaining facilities, transporting students, acquiring technology, etc.) increase the cost of serving school system stakeholders.
  2. How to use Process Improvement and Performance Management approaches (i.e., Lean Six Sigma) to identify root causes of stakeholder dissatisfaction and reduce/eliminate the operational and organizational waste that cost your school system valuable resources.
  3. How to select and set-up key process metrics and how to use those metrics to drive fiscal sustainability and academic performance.
  4. How to use LSS data collection and analysis tools (e.g. frequency charts/check sheets, pareto charts, histograms) to make informed decisions and address real, documented problems
  5. What pitfalls to avoid when implementing process improvement techniques (i.e., how to transition from current processes to improved processes without creating choke points).