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The Fastest Way to Sustain Growth: The many forms of formative assessment

  • Murfreesboro City Schools 2552 S Church St. Murfreesboro, TN 37127 United States (map)

Join your colleagues at this complimentary leadership forum on high quality formative classroom assessment.

The Many Forms of Formative Assessment

Dr. Rick Stiggins, founder of the Assessment Training Institute, notes that “Because the standardized testing light has been shining so brilliantly in our eyes, we haven’t seen past it to another application of assessment in schools that promises even greater impact on student learning. This is the classroom level of assessment. “He calls for a more balanced view of assessment that effectively meets the needs of all stakeholders, and we will explore this vision.

This interactive forum will teach you more than a dozen classroom strategies and help you answer the following questions:

·        How do we maintain our focus with recent policy, standards, and assessment changes?

·        Where do we focus our efforts to get the maximum return in around student progress?

·        What are the qualities of the most effective formative assessments?  And how do we balance formative and interim needs?

·        What is the potential of formative assessment to increase student motivation and performance?

·        What challenges do we face in promoting effective formative assessment?

This event is sponsored by TOSS Platinum Partner, Renaissance. 

SPEAKER: Dr. Gene Kerns, VP and Chief Academic Officer, Renaissance® BIO