SUPERINTENDENT SPOTLIGHT: Dr. David Snowden (Franklin Special School District)

Snowden, David.jpg

The TOSS Superintendent Spotlight for October is Dr. David Snowden.  He has been the superintendent of the Franklin Special School District for nearly 17 years! 

In Dr. Snowden's district, they have been working on several exciting initiatives.  They have just completed their 1:1 initiative for grades 5-8, and are looking forward to expanding to lower grades soon.  Another exciting project is their STEM initiative in grades 6-8 called "A World in Motion," which is in partnership with Nissan Corporation.  

Dr. Snowden shared that his favorite part of this job is having the opportunity to work with a great team of educators and a supportive Board of Education to positively impact the lives of their students each and every day.  

When asked what his favorite memory is from his time as FSSD superintendent, Dr. Snowden said: "My favorite memory is when the Franklin Community rallied to support my former community (Pascagoula, MS) after Hurricane Katrina. The efforts began to collect a small van load of basic supplies and ended by filling two eighteen-wheelers within 30 hours. I had known this was a special community before that event but those monumental efforts truly substantiated that this was a caring and generous area! My friends in Pascagoula still talk about those efforts people in Franklin made for them after that disaster."

Thank you for sharing, Dr. Snowden, and keep up the great work!