SUPERINTENDENT SPOTLIGHT: Bobby Mullins (Crockett County)

Mullins, Robert.jpg

For the month of September, TOSS is happy to spotlight Mr. Bobby Mullins, who is in his seventh year as the Superintendent of Crockett County Schools.  

Mr. Mullins shared some exciting things going on in his district, including their partnership with Instruction Partners who do instructional audits to check the depth and rigor of standards taught in ELA and Math.  He also talked about Crockett County's development of ACT strategies in their high school.  They now have students taking ACT pretests in their Freshman and Sophomore years, and the ACT test is given during the Junior year with a retake available to Seniors.  Mr. Mullins said that they are hoping to continue to expand this program into the middle school next year.  

When we asked Mr. Mullins what his favorite part of his job is, he said: "Visiting our schools as often as possible.  It is great when the students see you in public and come running up to you to say 'hi'.  Sometimes the parent's reaction can be priceless also."

Finally we asked Mr. Mullins to share his favorite memory from his time as Superintendent.  He said that it is the time he has spent sitting down and eating lunch with the Kindergarten students, who offer an enlightening perspective.