Platinum Partner Spotlight: is the newest addition to our Platinum Partner Program! Their work in Tennessee is off to a great start, and we are thrilled to see it continue to grow. improves literacy through vocabulary instruction. is adaptive - each student works at their own level. It aligns to your curriculum - in addition to over 2,000,000 vocabulary lists, teachers can take any text and instantly create vocabulary exercises around the text. It’s fun! Students earn points and badges and compete against each other. Their schools compete against other schools as well in our annual Vocabulary Bowl.

They are already working with several districts in Tennessee, including:

  • Williamson County

  • Maryville City

  • Lincoln County

  • Giles County

  • Lexington City

  • Shelby County

  • Metro Nashville

  • Campbell County

  • Sevier County

  • Soon to be in Houston County & McKenzie Special!

“ has become one of my favorite online tools in my ELA classroom. We all know the research says that students learn vocabulary the best when it is taught in context. I love how allows me to do that with ANY text. I have so much flexibility to create materials for students, and my students actually get excited about acquiring points. I've had students tell me they started using some of the vocabulary words in writing their songs, and they have also used them in their essays. One told me that he was in a conversation with an adult who used one of the words we had learned in class. "I actually knew what they were saying!" he said. These kind of pay offs are what really matter to my students because, as I always say in my room, ‘Your words matter.’” - Joylyn Patton (Teacher, Renaissance High School, Williamson County Schools)

“Our teachers use to improve the word-learning culture of our students through the process of pre-reading exercises. This enables our students to become familiar with the vocabulary of a text in ELA, Science, Social Studies, and even Mathematics prior to classroom instruction. We are in the third year of using this program, and teachers in multiple subject areas use it to enrich instruction and learning in their classes.” - Dr Ben Clabo (Principal, Pigeon Forge High School, Sevier County Schools)

Want to learn more? Reach out to David Mickelsen at or 254-566-5545!