SUPERINTENDENT SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Gilbert (Hickman County)

Gilbert, Michelle.jpg

The TOSS Superintendent Spotlight for November 2018 is Michelle Gilbert. She has served as the Director of Schools in Hickman County for three years.

The schools in Hickman County are striving to provide opportunities for students to experience post-secondary success before graduating from high school. Their schools and teachers in grades K-12 emphasize the importance of setting high goals for students and exposing them to the new opportunities. Her system has been able to increase the number of early post-secondary opportunities that are available to students, as well as increase the post-secondary enrollment rate by over twenty percentage points to above state average. Through partnerships with the local community and institutes of higher learning, her school system has been able to help students overcome obstacles and remove barriers for post-secondary attainment.

Ms. Gilbert’s favorite part of her job is the interaction with her schools and community. She enjoys working with leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders that work diligently to help their students to be successful. Being in schools and classrooms is what makes her happy. She enjoys building relationship with teachers and students.

“My favorite memory from my superintendency was the first time that I had the opportunity to participate in graduation ceremonies and shake the hands of our graduates. It was and is such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful accomplishment. As a product of the Hickman County school system, it makes that opportunity even more special.”